Have You Ever Written Poetry?

I’m ashamed to say it but here it is: I’ve only written five poems in my whole life. Four of these were for a poetry class that I am currently enrolled in; the other, I wrote as a 9 year old about a white bunny (complete with drawings of said bunny). It isn’t that I disliked poetry, but I approached it like it was quantum physics or something. Being forced to write it has changed my mind. As it turns out, I love writing poetry! I love the endless toil over the line structure, the way it sounds, the way it looks, the completed product. I’ve been reading poetry submissions with extra vigor–admiring the authors, and wondering what makes a poem great. Since many of you have expressed interest in reading works from last semesters publication, I decided I would post one of those poems here:

Girl Under Street Sign by Jordan Lopez:

a girl stands,

eating ice cream

beneath a street sign

so sweet she

smiles licking the

last of the brown cream

till all that’s

left is the sharp

sugar cone to chew.

One thing I’ve been learning in poetry class is the importance of an image. This poem requires keen observation of a simple scene (which I love). A good poem does not have to have grand metaphors. It can quietly observe a scene and relay that scene with care and attention.

So, then: go observe some things around you. Write about them. Photograph them. Toil over them (hard work feels good!). And if you love them, send them to us! inkslinger@biola.edu


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