Getting Ready

After toiling through the submissions and deliberating over what will look good where, this semesters Inkslinger is underway! Next to reading and picking submissions, my favorite job as a staff member is picking what will go where. It is a job I volunteer for every semester. Placement is incredibly important in engaging the readers, and in making connections between pieces. This semesters edition is themeless, which means that if we weren’t careful, the project could look like a jumbled mess. I’ve carefully attempted to avoid this, and placed certain things near each other for a sense of cohesiveness–and let me just say, some of the poems and photos fit so perfectly together!!

With this all done and in order, the Inkslinger is currently in the process of being designed and will be off to the printers in less than a week. Big thank you to our designer, Trevor Rogers!

Be on the look out for launch party details so that you can get your hands on the copy and read it up!



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