Reasons I Like Inkslinger.

This is my third semester working on Inkslinger. I became involved through a happy accident. One of my good friends was on the staff, overly stressed, and I offered to help out. That semester, we worked hard and put together an edition that dealt with Gender Issues–a topic we thought Biola students would have an interesting perspective on. I’ve since grown to really love the journal for these reasons (and more!).

1.) It’s Small: The journal is roughly 44 pages every semester. This makes it extremely readable. I like having it around. It is small and unimposing and is usually decked out with an extremely attractive cover (thanks to our talented designer). I never put Inkslinger on my bookshelf. I leave it on my desk, in my car, on a coffee table–wherever, really. It’s nice to have a small journal with good short stories, poems, and photos around. I can pick it up and just read one, or I can flip through the whole thing while taking a break.

2.) Continuity: I like the idea of things that last, things that are passed on from group to group. Tons of people who are no longer at Biola have written in this journal. It is exciting to be a part of that legacy. Get your stuff published and you can be a part of that, too. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the talent we see every semester, and how easy it is to make yourself a part of that group by submitting.

3.) Variety!: Okay, so continuity, yes. But also, the journal is wildly different every time it’s published. This year, there will be more variety than ever. In the past, Inkslinger has based each edition around a specific theme. We decided to get rid of that this year. We’re going to see works that deal with a variety of issues–and I think, in a variety of ways. I’m excited to see that. (On this topic I would like to reiterate: no theme. Write whatever you want. And submit it.)

4.) It’s Hard to Make: As I work on the staff longer and longer, I realize how many people are involved in making such a small journal. We are toiling over this stuff. I think, though, that only goes to show how satisfying it is to see good fiction, poetry, and photography collected into a small, physical copy. It’s worth it, absolutely.

5.) Learning About People: The fun thing is that all of the things you observe in the Inkslinger were produced by people around you. Most of these people I’ve never even heard of. After reading their work though, and seeing their photography, I must say–I like them. I’ve never been big on getting to know people in my immediate community. It’s a bad thing, I’ll admit. Working on Inkslinger has helped me realize how many cool and talented people there are around me all the time. And hey, if you aren’t like me, and you already love community, all the more reason to read Inkslinger!

For all these reasons and more: Submit to Inklsinger! And read it!

-Chloe Cuffel


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